Welcome to SUP Products - The industry leader in HMC Private Label SUP/Accessories Manufacturing.

SUP Products is the worldwide leader in Private Label manufacturing and distribution of Made in the U.S. (HMC) Hybrid Molded Composite paddle boards, through retailers and  large national chains. Since inception in 2008, SUP Products  has honed the perfect balance between quality, cost and volume to  benefit the start up SUP company and seasoned retailers alike. SUP Products knows how to make the best quality boards, using long lasting U.S. manufactured durable materials and has developed packaging and shipping techniques to insure the best possible results.  Combine all of this with the most experienced and knowledgeable Manufacturing staff in the industry, and the result is a globally scalable, fine tuned organization that has successfully reached critical mass in the sport of SUP, from coast to coast, oceans to lakes and rivers, providing the best quality equipment available on earth, at the most reasonable prices possible, all backed by limited lifetime warranty that is second to none in the SUP Industry.
When you invest in any of SUP Products brands of Boards or accessories , you're not just buying another piece of water sports equipment. You're becoming a part of a world wide movement and lifestyle
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